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Event: iMpulse 2021 (Power With God)

Impulse 2021

Domain Of Grace and Glory Outreach (DOGGO) AKA The Wealthy Place presents the second edition of their city wide worship and warfare service tagged, IMPULSE (Power with God)

IMPULSE is an interdenominational gathering of saints in conventional settings devoid of denominational barrier or affiliations. The purpose is to foster unity of worship and promote the spirit of oneness in the body.

We are persuaded that his PRESENCE creates the ambiance for the supernatural, His GRACE enhances performances. WORSHIP and FAITH activates both.
You might be wondering what worship has to do with warfare.

God instructed his people to go round Jericho seven days. That action was to be accompanied with the ark of covenant which is the word of God, trumpets of ram’s horns and a shout.
One significant use of trumpets in today’s church is worship. Our shouts and God’s word compliments and completes our church services.
This we believe was instrumental to the fall of Jericho. Our worship is our weapon of warfare.

For this service, we draw inspiration from the scripture in Genesis 32:24-30, where Jacob had a destiny transforming encounter with God.
In this service as we worship, we will contend for, and save lost souls of our youths and their destinies. We intend to contend for the church, the establishment and flourishing of the gospel in this city.
We will also as we worship enforce the prosperity and the welfare of the land of Eket as well as for the enthronement of Godly counsel and the will of Elohim in our individual lives and affairs.

Don’t forget, to achieve this, Worship is our weapon.

Venue: Rehoboth Hall, Royalty Hotel, Eket, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.
Date: Sunday 28th November, 2021
Time: 3:00pm

Don’t miss this gathering for anything.

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