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Music: Gold Candle Family – Hail

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Gold Candle Family AKA Circle Of Grace renders forth a brand new single tagged “Hail” produced by KlassicBeatz.

The whole gang teams up to deliver this slow tempo pop tune with lovely yet commanding lyrics and soothing melody which will surely keep your feet tapping as you join them to Hail the Most High.

Hail by Gold Candle Family serves as a follow-up to their last release, Allegiance which is still blessing lives.

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Lyrics: Gold Candle Family – Hail
Intro (Shadyblisz)

Somebody call 911
We’re about to shut the place down (shut it!!!)
We’re about to burn the place down yeah (burn it!!!)
Naaah naaah yeah…

Chant (Feiboky)
Gold candle
Tell these demons clear the aisle boy!
I say Gold candle
Tell these demons clear the aisle boy!!

Verse 1 (Feiboky)

Amen Boy I take aims and
They can never tame all ma gees out for change and
Pull up in the scene and you know it’s all flames and
Burning and you know we’re never leaving no remains
Sweet mama told me baby boy you’re doing well
Where I see you going I bet they can never tell
God bless you his spirit continually posses you
Your generation mustn’t go to hell

Chant (Thrillbliss)

Gold candle
Tell these demons clear the aisle boy!
(Clear the aisle! Clear the aiiiisle!!!!)
I say Gold candle
Tell these demons clear the aisle boy!!

Hook (Shadyblisz)

Yeah I love the way you love me love me
Everyday you’re fighting for me for me
Who go ever tell me story?
Right now I no send anybody o
You overtake me with your love (aah aah aah!!!)
Why won’t I ever give it all? (aah aah aah!!!)
Sheh cos of you now I dey ball yeah yeah?

Verse 2 (Thrillbliss)

Flame from a gold candle

Soldier of the cross microphone up in the left
Bible right up in the other when we pull up in the coast
Minus to the other side it’s for sure we’re bouta conquer
Put these demons for one corner steps are really really ordered
So tey if I stumble still be matching to victory
So no weapon formed against me wer go really fit to hurt me
See me blood vested I mean love tested
So we smile in face of adversity and we live our lives to glory the one who died
What a sacrifice
What a sacrifice
What a sacrifice

Chorus (Shadyblisz)

I hail you
And magnify your name
I hail you
Most high (2x)

Verse 3 (Kalu Blaq)

I’ve been qualified to raise and praise you
They can never match you indestructible your reign too
Yeshua Hamashiach is your name
Oba lo ni le the great I am you put me in the game Uh
Respect see these people come dey para for the movement
We no dey send dem we no dey fear dem
Shine like gold candle
In the night we all be bright till the time comes still grinding
Loyal we’re fighting we’re standing
Faithful issa ride and we’re balling
Hands up in the sky I tell em join me
Soldiers of the cross till the end

Hook (Shadyblisz)

I say time no dey o man I go in
Buried in the blood wer dey cover my sin
Me I no fear eye don tear
Should I fall I know I go meet you right there there there

Verse 4 (UcJagz)

Be careful I spit fearful like john describing our maker in the first chapter of revelation
I mean the John’s revelation
I drop these lines deep into all of your minds for some meditation
To rekindle y’all soldiers
We’re the new burning generation wake up y’all sleeping soldiers
Get rekindled y’all soldiers
You’re the new burning generation wake up y’all wake up y’all
Moses in the burning bush bush wasn’t burning though
We be DOGGO boys gold candle you already know
Buried in the blood and I know you feel it too
Me and all of my gees got enrolled in that new school
Started a new paragraph and the page is Christ
Romans 8: 31 you come against me then you are ready to pay the price
We put demons on flights
Boys speaking down from the heights


Gold candle
Tell these demons clear the aisle boy!
(Wuo deh wuo dey!! Nsi isi deh?!!!)
I say Gold candle
Tell these demons clear the aisle boy!!

Verse 5 (Bobbiggie IG)

Tell these demons clear the aisle…

In a bastardized nation where your rights are denied
Living in distress bleeding hearts and tears in our eyes
Flags steady representing demise of souls who died
And the clouds got darkened like an angel died
We’re freaking masochists, Israelite descendants
Withstanding threats of all calibres of their psychopathic menace
It’s a revolution and that’s a definite mission
Whoever stands to block our path will face a lethal incision
O Lord somebody call 911
Homicide scenes demons down the night’s gone wrong
But it’s right for us higher power move word is the tool
Gold candle shooters bullets they cannot refuse huh…

Chorus (Shadyblisz)

I hail you
And magnify your name
I hail you
Most high (2x)

Gold Candle Music…!

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