Friday, May 20, 2022

LYRICS: Bobbiggie – Crossroad


My dreams of becoming the greatest amounted to nothing. .
That’s just what I thought at the moment.. .
That selling my records and living in Vegas, that I’ll just find peace I didn’t noticed,
That I was just blinded and placed on course I couldn’t help but think I’m a Judas…
I Looked at myself pick the Bible they said, NAH
This voice inside of my head they be screaming IG niggur wake up to this world.

That’s just a facade can’t you tell
Your life ain’t Prolific but hectic, remember there’s hell
My Heads underwater
The moon’s turning dark and the sky turning dark..
And the Cross drawing closer,
They saying receive me or die it ain’t over
This got to be God undercover
That is just how I got sober
He lifted the weight of my shoulders and now

I tired to tame what I should acknowledge
I held on tight to what I should abolish
In a quarantine where I just happen to be all alone with my soul came the flesh and ravish. .
Just say I’m an addict
I’m trapped in this shell and I panicked
I’m I a passerby
I bet this sounds like a lullaby
Pretty ironic
Damn it, His words ain’t organic
And hear this. .

Ask and it shall be given unto you
At the crossroads I stand it’s hard for me to choose
Send your grace and holy ghost on me overdose
I won’t let you until u pick me up and go
Condescending to earth, Scrutinizing, Reviving hunger for knowledge I rely and abide in
Your verbiage, a word for the atheist, Standing through ages
The hell with this phrase
I’m up for this changes

And now
Knowing what I’m up against
Ever magnificent
Live in the world and then,
Looking around and then
Living and die in it… Sorry I never really imagine a life with him..
Never could ride with him
He did arise again
Shout out to every brother that’s living the opposite

I was an upcoming classic but bad habits turn me into an addict regardless
And hear dis…

I sight the illest
Society influence
Jesus the truest my peers ain’t included
This ain’t me talking am highly sedated
I breathe but I’m dead cos my sins are remitted. .

I ride with the greatest
I came onboard I can never abort it
His armour I rock it
Am lost like a rocket
This battle the devil just lost it
this road I’m I really gon cross it
and now


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