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MUSIC: Gold Candle Family – Allegiance


Gold Candle Family offers up a new single titled “Allegiance” rendered by Shadyblisz, Feiboky, Bobiggie, Thrill Bliss, Kalu, Blaq, Ucjagz LA and Gold Candle’s newest member, Jehnsz Williams.

Speaking about the song, The gang pened down the following, “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.”

Allegiance serves as a follow-up to the gang’s last chart-topping release titled “Balling” which gained massive streams, downloads and acceptance from music lovers nation-wide. Allegiance is slow tempo rap tune in which all Gold Candle team members come together to announce whom they pledge their Allegiance to.
Produced and mixed by KlassicBeatz, Guitar by Nelstringz of Gold Candle Family.

Gold Candle Family Is A Creative Art Family.
Here, All Credit For The Creation Of All Things, [Including Art], Is Duely And Wholly Attributed To The Rightful And Indisputable Owner Of Them All, God. And Art Creations, Here, Are Made With No Fixated Attention On The Religious Demarcation Of Secular And Sacred. Rather, They’re Made With The Ultimate Consciousness Of And Attention To Whatsoever Is True, Honest, Just, Pure, Lovely, Of Good Report And Has Virtue And Praise.

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Lyrics: Gold Candle Family – Allegiance;

Chorus (Shadyblisz)

Even when my days get dark and my nights don’t last
I go stick with you, I want dey with you
Even when the ride gets rough and my gas runs out
I go dey with you, cos I want live for you

For you…, you…, you… yeah (2x)
I pledge allegiance!

Verse 1

Some days I can’t shoot though I’m a loaded gun
I feel hurt, excommunicated like I’m a lost son
But I heard you turned water to wine, soon gon be my time
Pray for better days, after the sun comes the rain in June
I’m standing still, lost, staring in the mirror and I’m muttering
If I say I’ve got energy, who’s charging the battery?
I’m drowned in my thought, all I do is question me
Me versus me! me versus me!! me versus me!!!
I pledge allegiance to the cross and I’m coming home to you
Cos you you got the remedy to all that I’ve been through
Dead and living, dead-living don’t have a clue
Ain’t breaking the vows, I am the bride, yeah, you’re the groom
Cos physically and mentally, been through a lot of misery
But ain’t dropping the cross, I rep it up like the military
Beat my hands on my chest, I ain’t leaving your side
After the dark night I know you’re gon bring in the light

(Jehnsz Williams)

It is the beginning of the end, I see a lot of humans fighting
Literarily not with a person , just a self thought racing
Everyone is seeking for something, so we’re on the map searching for cash, tryna look fly yeah, tryna be stars
And here is me with a question, where do I go?
You created me and put me down here so what is my role?
My pastor said everything is cooked and wrapped up in the word
And being a Christian ain’t just a title, but to every man is a call
So here’s me lord use me, in you I find meaning
The world is in your hands, but the whole is not willing
To serve you, don’t let these stones come through
I got you and everyday is a reminder there’s nothing else that’s above you
So this is my promise and this is my plea
Be it song writing or acting in a movie scene
We’re gon ride together in this game that we’re in
Bloody allegiance put my name on it
One hundred!

Chorus (Shadyblisz)

For you…, you…, you… yeah (2x)
I pledge allegiance!

Verse 2
(Bobbiggie IG)

No false fact you ever remain true
Words after words could never describe you
It’s indefinite, time could never reflect you
No past nor present, em miles from our next move
History had it, you walked upon the water
When science could not decipher, debunking the Newton law
Of gravity, he did order a word to the wind he ordered
“Be still!” and they abided and held to a single voice
Seas have left divided just stretching a single rod
Lion of tribe of Judah, in you alone that I roar
You’re the key, you’re the door, bigger than all my flaws
Qualifier of the called and the energy as I war
Hands on my chest and as I pledge to cross,
Down with the blood, negativity tossed,
E T A on the dot, as we heed to the call,
Bloody allegiance, put my name on it
One hunid!

(Kalu Blaq)

Beauty for my ash, first and last
And everything in between, because of you they let me pass
No matter who forsakes me, how beautiful to know that you accept me!
Does it matter who rejects me?
We the fruit of all of your sorrows and the pain
are all yours, take us captive for all your plans
My youth sold out plus everything in my loins
Zero ifs and buts, na so I join
Not there yet, but my God I’ve seen changes
Na you dey carry us pass all these hidden trenches
King of the heart of the willing slaves
I love it when you dey control am, cos I know say na winning ways
Igbo boy wer no really be Igbo boy
Born of the word, spirit and water with too much joy
Keep flexing me, I fault and you keep correcting me
For live it’s you and me

Chorus (Shadyblisz)

Even when my days get dark and my nights don’t last
I go stick with you, I want dey with you
Even when the ride gets rough and my gas runs out
I go dey with you, cos I want live for you

For you…, you…, you… yeah (2x)
I pledge allegiance!

Verse 3

Reason I wake up daily in this state of mind
That who I was isn’t who I am
Dead and buried, resurrected by the great I am
The holy ghost, but who I was battles who I am
You know the pain it causes, these arms are weak
Fighting my flaws, happy the fire falls like Pentecost
Giving me strength to the follow the course
Though on my knees, by his grace, I carry my cross
Homie life is a play, we’re actors in the scene
Your role is done, the curtains fall, the role is called were you out or in?
What side you on my homie? Pick a side my homie!
I pledge allegiance, I decide to ride for Christ my homie
Crucify my will and motive, that is kingdom come
I made a choice, surrendered all of my evil thoughts
All that I am and I ever would be
Wrapped up in his name, no other reign, he’s sovereign


Every moment I hear another human fall
I get down on my face and I renew my vows
If tomorrow’s never promised what I’m I waiting for?
Making moves all for your glory can’t be better than now
Humble my heart and become real to me where I’m still guessing
Quite hard but I’m still pressing
Only the living got options, I died to all my opinions
Up on a single way direction, no turns, no reversing
Broken and beautiful, ever you reign in me and mine
Forever your name on me and mine
So many faith transaction records tryna look to me like I only took losses
But all is only gain in this state of mind
So with every single step as I go
Depending on you the only way that I know
Nothing but put me on so can’t take me away from it
Bloody allegiance, put my name on it

Gold Candle Music!

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