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MUSIC: Feiboky – People In Prison (Tru South Cover) + Lyrics

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 MUSIC: Feiboky - People In Prison (Tru South Cover) + Lyrics

Gospel rap evangelist Feiboky offers a brand new cover to the song by Tru South titled “People In Prison

At some point, in the heat of the wake of the corona virus, my brother, Tru South, made a song titled ‘People In Prison’.

And later, he uploaded the beat, asking for further artistic truths more to be told on it by anyone who had them and cared to share.

Many brothers did many entries and it had all been concluded.

I had to jump on it still, anyways.

And I this should be the very very very very very very very last entry, I think.


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Shout out to ma man Truth.

Going in bro

Verse 1


Destroying the world you never built? Afia’nweh that will never be true

I repeat it it will never be true

That your dream is one hundred million feet above ground level

And I mean perfectly higher than you

I see them tryna play monster but still fall asleep at night

The words of my brother trip Lee, I paraphrase it right?

Quite don’t get it? My delight

School time, pretty welcome y’all, sharpen your sight

When I was a child I reasoned and moved like a child

Like they proly might get up in the cool of the night and cut the lights out on the earth

Like they be running the whole thing

Imageries I held back in the blinds

But how we’re grown now

And I ain’t talking length of days we have been around

But the spirit in man aka the inspiration of the Almighty

Like, before hell conceives, we know it all, opened eyes and they’re all shinning – yeah.

Pity for my people in the hole

Steady be doing like they be watching from the mountain top

Yet they can’t even tell what is on the road

We’re tryna to put em on and they’re pushing on their own ‘wisdom knobs’

Now a teeny weeny thing and they’re clueless

Panicking and scampering around the entire God’s universe

We’re still committed to freeing them from all this gravity though

Cos all they say they don’t even know

Chorus (Tru South)

They tryna act like they’re kinda woke

They always believe what they are told

They’re tryna be free but they can’t go out

These people up in prison but they don’t know


Verse 2

Ask your men what is corruption?

They would tell you it is stealing money from the government treasury

Then ask em again, so how do you fight it?

They would simply tell you it is getting back all the stolen money

And these are people with degrees of all kinds

Pillars and intellectual timbres and calibres of time

But can’t even tell what corruption is

And yet they say they got peace and eternal harmony to give

What if I told you that corruption is never what you do but who you are

Would you you believe?

And what if I said it was over before it started and you ain’t got the power to fight it

Would you believe?

Homie corruption is only a catch word

Cos the right name y’all tryda feed it to the birds

But the Bible calls it correctly; sin

Deeper than embezzling money, the very seed of every negative thing.

And you ain’t got the power to fight it

I promise you that all you can ever do is to like it

But we got the solution; Christ; the reason all these demons never want you to listen

And we’re steady on the mission


They tryna act like they’re kinda woke

They always believe what they are told

They’re tryna be free but they can’t go out

These people up in prison but they don’t know


Verse 3

So we’re steady on the mission to get their eyes opened

They don’t know the heat level of that hot oven

And for our knowledge of the incoming terror

We keep persuading going again even when they don’t wanna hear us

I’d be guilty for the blood of no man

Balling everyday and I ain’t talking em gold chains

But the light in the darkest corners

Put me on where the siren blows and man is about to go home in earnest

As wealth is meaningless in the middle of plenty

And knowledge powerless in the gathering of heavy heads

So light is useless in the middle of lights many

I’m talking to the bride, it’s time, go and shine baby 

You know that man don’t change

Same old strategy from time ancient

Homie ain’t creative he only manipulative

And if you know it then you understand we’re the only power reign

And to all my fellows bringing others with you

Blessed be every labour and dime that you’re putting in too

One of these days we gon levitate

So, drill your focus, you will need a lotta patience to wait

Praying for my people screaming new normal

Sanitize and mask up and commune virtual

I promise you there is so much they would never understand

And you and I cannot even explain

But we know they all are written in the plan

Reason we’re never stopping on ever praying

And the glory will always be to the lamb

No matter whatever be the go direction of the game homie

One fold one Shepherd

One Lord and mediator between God and man and they can’t fake it

Head of all principalities and powers

King of all kings, higher than em seconds and hours, dawg

Greatest shout out to the Church of Jesus

Higher than the world and forever they’re remaining beneath us

Truth never start no fight

But lie will always get defeated guys

Coda (Tru South)

They don’t know what we do

They can’t see like we do

They’re in prison

And don’t know, oh don’t know

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