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Music: Karama Mildred – Unstoppable

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Music: Karama Mildred - Unstoppable
Karama Mildred Elias is A gospel Artist, with a burning desire to see the kingdoms of this world, become the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
She also is a Worship Leader in Dominion City Calabar Cross River State and an ambassador of Love(taking Jesus to the World)…
In a time were the world is in great disperse,
There is need for True Worshippers that will worship in truth and in spirit, men and women that will be a living expression of the love of God, whether there be trials or temptations, whether they be killed or brutalized, men and women that will stand and tell the story of our Lord… 
This sound by Karama Mildred Elias, is a pledge that come what may… We will stand and and declare that Jesus is Lord.
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Unstoppable Lyrics
Verse 1
The time is near
Where our love for God would be tested
We are close to the end of time
But no matter the trials nor tribulations
We won’t stop, 
We wont stop 
We wont stop
Until the Glory of the Lord God fills the earth
Until the knowledge of His wonders circulate 
we won’t stop
We’ll keep proclaiming that He is risen from the dead
We won’t stop
 Until Jesus is enthroned over the nations 
Verse 2
We would tell of the story of the Cross
Of how He bore all our sins and guilt and shame
Yes that He died and He rose and now He live 
And that He reign
We won’t stop
We won’t stop
We won’t stop yeah yeah yeah
Oh oh oh 
Oh oh oh.        
Oh oh oh (3×)
We’ll raise the banner 
Of the Name of Jesus Christ to the nations
We’ll tell the story of His wonders to all men
Of how He healed the Sick 
He raised the dead
And walked upon the sea
We won’t stop we wont stop we won’t stop
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