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Gospel Reggae artiste “De” Bishop makes a grand entry into the gospel music scene with his debut single tilted ‘HE REIGNS’ from the stables of Righteous Musik.
The Jaykeys produced song is a mid tempo reggae tune which talks about the sovereignty of our God.

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He Reigns is a spirit, body and soul uplifting song with a beautiful blend of reggae accents delivered in a unique way in which only
“De” Bishop knows how to do it.
It is a song for any kind of mood or situation you find yourself in.

This record was produced by JayKeys
M&M by Blaakstar

Get prepared to be uplifted as you download and listen to this beautiful reggae dance tune
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Contact “De” Bishop
FB: Patrick “De” Bishop.
IG: Patrick De Bishop
Twitter: Patrick De Bishop
He Reigns – Lyrics
Once played; Twice nice (Yes I)
Woh woh woh woh eeeeeh!
Ruler af the Universe; Writer af the Scripture Verse (Ease up)

Ah me say; You are the Alpha
The Living King You are (Give Thanks)
The Leper freer, who’s Power’s Super
You are… (Blessed)
You are the riddim in my soul
The reason why I live today (Me give Thanks )
Me Call pon your name once; and every demon them flee… (fiyah burn them)
You are me strong gun powder
Am loaded and am prouder,
Money dhey ooze for me body
Am Larger; You Reign
Holy Spirit You Reign.
Cause You Reign, You Reign on High
You are Omega; and You Reign on High.
(Call) You Reign!… (response)×3
You Reign on High.
Repeat Chorus

The Manual to Keep me Stabilizer
Loving in Abundance; Haters nah fi Minimizer,
Alpha and Omega you are; nah fi Fantasizer
You are me body, Spirit,  Phantom Synthesizer
Conquering the world to make me an Equalizer
Blessings all around foes them nah fi Criticizer
You are to me a Body, body Energizer.’
    Cause You Reign, Yes I Reign….
   (Repeat Chorus )
Raster We ah fight war spiritual
Praises to the King of Kings Alpha and         Omega. Them issa differen person!
(Ease Up!) Ah where them ah Run don (yemuan×2!)
Me give thanks to Jah creator of tha Universe! Aright!!
Ease Out; My God!!!
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