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Exclusive Chat With McEver Eric Chris | Gospelphase NG

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Seek First the kingdom of God and his righteousness and Every Other Thing Shall Be Added to us…
Says award winning gospel minstrel McEver Eric Chris
In an exclusive chat with your number one gospel hub GospelPhase NG
McEver Eric Chris reveals that seeking first God’s kingdom and righteousness is his concern and that he believes he will continue to be a blessing to many people through his music.
The port Harcourt based Gospel minister also advises upcoming ministers to Watch and Pray, believing in God to uplift them to also be a blessing to many too.
Read the Exclusivechat below
First of all, let us know you
I am McEver Eric Chris…
I am from Imo state precisely
I am a Preacher and a recording gospel minstrel.
McEver Chris
When did you discover your calling?
And at what age did you start Music
Well, I started singing from a very tender age of 9… and used to sing with the adult church choir(contemporary) then.. I used to be the smallest and always at the front row.. I became active on stage from age 14.. it took another dimension when I was like 18 years as I became full Praise/Worship leader.
At that age, I got so many prophecies about who I was going to become and was going to be happening as I minister from several different men of God who had not known me or my parents before…some will single me out from the congregation and same words will come.. there and then I knew it was a calling and there is more to it than just singing
That’s impressive
How many songs have you recorded so far
In 2006, I came out with an album ” Ashes to Glory” and a particular track in it,( Weeping May Endure” became like the horse I rode to the next level in my carrier… but after that, it’s been singles… I have dropped 5 singles now.
Blessed Child
My Praise
We Worship
And the very latest that dropped may 27th this year Reign In Majesty
That is really good.
Your latest single, Reign in Majesty has really been a hit, and it is all over the place and has gained massive acceptance everywhere
What inspired you to write such an amazing song?
Naturally From my tender age, I find myself so in love with the Music Gender (RnB) I saw in my mind how great and mighty God is and still He cares and Has His eyes on those He Loves.
So where do you see yourself in the next 5 years to come
I see me continually being a huge instrument of blessing to lives. A greatly improved version of me.. I am so concerned about being a blessing to people through many ways…  and I don’t need to worry about my self being blessed because for sure, I will be blessed greatly in return… bible teaches that we should Seek First the kingdom of God and his righteousness and Every Other Thing Shall Be Added to us…
So, my dream is being a huge blessing to people in a massive way…
That’s very good
And which of the top gospel arts is your role model?
I love Donnie Mcclurkin…. I still remember one of his song that inspired me a lot then… “Great and mighty is our God,…. nobody like you lord” but now I flow more with William Murphy
For the Nigerian level, I am in love with whatever Tim Godfrey does… It’s more like what I would love to Do
And finally, what is your advice to all the aspiring minstrels and gospel artistes that are coming up?
Well, like you used the word “Coming Up”.
Coming up is not an easy task.. You go through life’s hurdles, you get looked down at and all manner of things that will force you to quit.. But one thing I want to say is, if you have gotten that vision, chase it. Let your eyes be fixed on it no matter the challenges.. because it is only you that might be seeing that place you are going or with some very few folks.. know when it’s time to pray and also time to take some actions and measures too… the Spirit of God will teach you all things but will not help you do all things.. The spirit knows the one to do per time and reminds you that you should also do at a time. In all, it’s about Watching and Praying.
Thank you very much for that Wonderful advise
That brings us to the end of this exclusive interview
Thank you McEver for your time
Remain blessed.
McEver Eric Chris is schooled at Nnamdi Azikiwe University and read Political Science.
He is married and with two Kids
Based in Port Harcourt
He is also Two times Twilight Award winner.

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