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How The Church May Be Encouraging Abortion

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The church and Christians all over the world vehemently kick against abortion.
They believe it is NOT pro-life, they believe  deliberate abortion is murder. It is simply the killing the most defenseless living beings by taking away their most basic human right: the right to life.
But is it possible that these same believers can be the cause of many abortions?
Have you experienced an unwed pregnancy? Okay maybe not personally but in your church, your family, or your circle of acquaintances?
The typical reaction in most homes whether Christian or not is a mixture of disappointment, condemnation, and pity. Sometimes, outrage and rejection.
The woman is worried her college dreams and ambition will come to a staggering halt. That she may have brought shame upon herself.
It doesn’t matter if the couple are ready to marry or not.
The woman is afraid what her family will say, and she’s pretty sure her dad is going to be sorely disappointed. In some congregations, the parents are demoted, suspended or punished. 
And she is certain the church will judge her for the rest of her life.
In fact, her wedding could be canceled because many churches will not wed a person who is pregnant before the wedding.
It is quizzical how the Christian community frown at abortion but most pastors will not wed a couple that fall pregnant.
Instead, the couple are shamed, ridiculed, suspended in some congregations and cast out.
“But she comes from such a good family!”
 “Wait you haven’t heard? She’s pregnant!”
“She has disgraced the family name”
No one celebrate her pregnancy as a gift from God.
This is truly sad because the Bible never condemns unwed pregnancies. In fact, scripture shows in Gen. 38, Gen. 19:30-38, 2 Sam. 11:1-12:25 that there were some in lineage of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Some were conceived through prostitution, incest, and adultery  even.
Jesus himself was a product of what many would call an unwed pregnancy. 
By the power of the Holy Spirit.
Mary at some point in time was an unmarried pregnant teenager. 
But she was not ostracized by her family.
Scriptures has her cousin Elizabeth saying;  “Blessed is the fruit of your womb!” (Luke 1:42).
The church must do better!
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