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How I Overcame The Spirit Of Gambling – Anonymous

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How I overcame gambling addiction

Anonymous –  I read somewhere that the expected payout of a gambler in the long run was Zero.
But I believed it wa pure economic theory without practical justification.
I started gambling about 2 years ago when a friend introduced me to it. We would go to the cafe and bet with as little as 100 naira. I was loosing quite all right, but I had my days. There were days I would make like 4500, 5000 and I even made about 35000 once while placing a 200 naira bet. I was on a roll, every betting club in my area knew me. I was getting more than I was giving out. My friend on the other hand, never won, except for 2 occasions where I selected the games and he just played, but on most days I would share my winnings with him. I really didn’t need the money. To me it was pure fun and I was enjoying it.
Fast forward to 6 months after, I had a good job but I still played on weekends.
Then another friend introduced me to a different level of gambling. Low odds, high stakes.

At first I was scared, but when he showed me his profile I was impressed. He used to build the money gradually from around 20k to around 200k in a few days. That’s how I started investing heavily in it.
I could stake as high as 30k on a few matches. It actually worked in the beginning, but gradually the greed set in.
My lifestyle changed completely, it was all I ever thought about, “Making Money” I thought. I started drinking, and doing all other illicit stuff. I mean this is Free Money.
Even when I lost I was always telling myself that I would make the money back (The Gambler’s hole) and so I would stake higher and higher. I started borrowing money to gamble, all these while telling myself that I would strategize and plan better. But I kept on loosing.
My heart would race faster, my professional life was also being affected. I even once thought of quitting my job so I could focus more on the gambling business.
I formed an alliance with fellow gamblers. We would share tips and plan, but I was still loosing. Not that we weren’t winning a few times but we would stake almost everything and make a mistake even when we were taking the lowest risk possible. I mean, how hard is it to select 5 games where 3 goals won’t be scored in the 1st half. Not bad until you try it.
I knew I was addicted, but I didn’t care. It was all about the money for me, I mean I didn’t even have a girlfriend so very few responsibilities.
Then the inevitable happened. I gambled away all my salary before the end of the 1st week and it was all gone. I couldn’t believe myself. How did I get to this level. I called my fellow gamblers and a few of them were in similar situation. How I survived till the end of the month is still a mystery ? I was already in debt, so no way to borrow more. It was at this point I knew I was done. My BP was over 130 from the way my heart sounded. I could almost hear every heart beat. A fellow gambler told me he had deactivated his account. I was so weak I couldn’t even do it myself. So I asked him to do it for me.
That’s when I decided to start my life back on a new slate with the help of God too and i’m happy for it.
If I were to estimate my total losses it would well be over half a million.
Gambling Breeds Greed and Greed is Evil.

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